Best Tacos in Albuquerque by Burrito Express

Tacos in Albuquerque & Best Tacos in New Mexico

Are you looking for the best affordable taco restaurant in Albuquerque? Burrito Express is your answer. We aim to provide our customers with quality, fresh and authentic taco recipes near me, in Albuquerque at affordable costs. At Burrito Express, we believe in quality and excellent service. We are, no doubt, the best taco restaurant in Albuquerque.

Best Tacos in Albuquerque

If you are a lover of tacos, then you should go for the best tacos in Albuquerque. At Burrito Express, you can be assured that every authentic street taco you order from us is freshly made. Our menu list is exciting, and the combinations are endless. Our fresh tacos are made with a variety of ingredients including pork, beef, chicken, vegetables, cheese & spices, depending on your choice. Our taco plate meals are well garnished with various condiments allowing great authentic New Mexico food here in Albuquerque.

Cheap Tacos in Albuquerque 

Some restaurants offer more expensive tacos with the same basic ingredients.  However, here at Burrito Express we offer cheap tacos and fairly priced taco dinner plates. 

At Burrito Express, you don’t have to break the bank to get our delicious taco plate meals. All the items on our menu list are quite affordable for everyone. We at Burrito Express offer quality tacos in Albuquerque at cheap taco costs. Contact us today for your taco lunch near me.

Taco Tuesday in Albuquerque 

Burrito Express is here to help you get the best out of your taco Tuesday in Albuquerque. We put together a list of our favourite Tuesday specials. We are one of the best taco restaurants in Albuquerque that offers taco Tuesday specials. On Tuesdays, we offer tacos served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and your choice of meat selection.  All our taco Tuesday specials are affordable for you and your family.

Street Tacos in Albuquerque

Do you prefer your taco served in bulk order sizes for catering? It would be best if you tried out street tacos since we are the one of the best taco places in Albuquerque. Our street tacos are simple, but packed with flavour grilled chicken, and your favourite toppings are added into hard shell or soft shell corn tortillas.  At Burrito Express, our street taco platters are great for lunch, dinner or just a quick get together with friends, family and work associates. The ingredients and flavours are simple, clean, and fresh, which makes our taco plates & meals the best taco offerings available. Contact us today for your best street tacos in Albuquerque.

Taco packs for catering and events

Are you planning an event in Albuquerque and your thinking of serving your guests with taco meals? Burrito Express has got you covered. We offer taco catering services at affordable costs. Explore our taco catering menu for a full list of options for your occasions in Albuquerque. Wow your guests with our delicious tacos, all made fresh and delivered to your event’s venue.

Taco Deals and Specials

At Burrito Express, we offer many taco deals and specials that distinguish us from other taco restaurants in Albuquerque. You can decide to take your taco with a drink, or taco and a burrito for lunch. We also offer tacos with chips and salsa with flavours that are sensational. Our tasty restaurant is a must-try for you if you love good taco meals in Albuquerque. Come and have a memorable experience with our taco specials near you.

Taco Lunch & Dinner Plates

Do you need a lunch idea? Taco meals are perfect for lunch and dinner. At Burrito Express, we offer two tacos served crispy with your choice of meat. Served with beans and rice.  We often come up with new combinations to ensure our customers are served with the best taco meals in Albuquerque. Contact us for your taco lunch today.

Taco Orders to Go

Outside of our restaurant, customers can have access to our services online. You can place orders online on our website. Our customer service team is always available to attend to your needs. Pick up deliveries are also available. With us at Burrito Express, distance and location aren’t barriers. Give us a call today, and we’ll have your taco meal delivered to your doorstep at a quite affordable price.

Tacos as a Healthy Food Option

An excellent way to eat healthily at a New Mexican restaurant is by choosing a taco meal. Tacos are healthier than fried items. You have the option of taking tacos with no cheese. The significant factors that determine how healthy a taco meal includes the corn shell, the protein you choose, and the toppings. The healthiest option is a non-fried corn tortilla instead of fried or flour tortillas. Tacos are very healthy if you choose the right recipes. Contact us today for your healthy taco.