Celebrate National Burrito New Mexico Day at Burrito Express

When Will be the National Burrito Day?

National Burrito day is celebrated on the first Thursday of April.  This day is special for those who love authentic Mexican food, especially the Burritos.  Burrito is a Mexican dish which is popular in the whole world, that's why Burrito day is celebrated in the world as a whole.  On the occasion of National Burrito Day, Burrito Express welcomes everyone to celebrate their love for burritos and eat burritos without counting it. 

Origin of National Burrito Day

Burrito is a hundreds of years old Mexican dish that originated in 10,000 BC.  At that time, it was common to wrap foods in a tortilla.  But the burrito appeared in American restaurants in the 1930s.  In the beginning, Burritos consisted of meat and beans wrapped in a tortilla.  But now, American burritos consist of many ingredients.  The purpose of National Burrito day is to allow every Mexican food lover to enjoy the taste of Burritos and satisfy their taste buds. 

National Burrito Day Deals at Burrito Express

On this National burrito day, Burrito express will offer burrito deals that you never had.  Yes, We will provide high-quality and authentic Burritos at our restaurant with exciting deals that will be affordable for anyone.  So, If you're looking for the best Burritos near you on this National burrito day, Burrito Express is your destination.  We want everyone to celebrate this day; that's why we're offering burritos at an affordable price.

Breakfast Burritos at Burrito Express

Burrito day is a special day for Mexican food lovers, right?  Many people throw parties for foodies to gather and enjoy delicious Burritos on this occasion.  We offer party platters and catering services at affordable rates to be a part of your parties.  So, if you're planning to host a party this April (National burrito day), then we're here for you.  We're one call away from you and ready to organize everything for you.  All you need is to tell us your requirements, and we will set our team to your purpose.